Cue the Angels!

2011 Cadets, Christmas traditions, include angels

Angels are as much a part of the Christmas tradition as they were part of The Cadets’ 2011 World Championship program “Between Angels and Demons”. angdemonhorns.jpg

At the end of a marvelous year, we find ourselves still “Between Angels and Demons.” But now it is your turn to play the part of an angel and join us in our annual end of year gift appeal.

As of today, The 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign is well over half the way to its goal, but we need your help. With a donation from a few dozen angels like you over the next nine days, we will be able to achieve our goal and put a great end to this spectacular year.

The “demon” before us is our current equipment trailer. Our campaign is an effort to replace the converted moving trailer which has carried us to two World Championships and hundreds of rehearsals and performances.

Having had enough miles on the trailer to circle the globe several times when we first purchased it, our aging friend now has twice as much mileage and, quite frankly the years are starting to take their toll.

The miles aside, the biggest issue is the size and design of the trailer makes it extremely difficult for us to fit in the equipment, uniforms and instruments of The 2012 Cadets! Originally designed in the days when the corps was 135 members, we’ve had 150 members for several years, many of whom were added as members of the brass section. These additional brass musicians brought with them more instruments, more uniforms, more shakos and more "stuff." Transporting electronics too has added to the demands of rolling stock, with sound boards, amplifiers, instruments and speakers adding to the fleet.

Which brings us back to the angels…

If for one moment you saw the corps this summer and were moved by what you saw and heard, we encourage you to be an “angel” and show that support by making a donation to The 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign.

Trucks and trailers and the many other items that move and teach and feed the corps are not the glamorous aspects you see when the corps takes the field. But they are the things that make the corps what it is.

We need our angels to rally around us with one week to go and put $50 or $100 or $500 or even $1,000 toward our goal.


As of Thursday, we’re at 72 percent of our objective, but we need a few more angels to lift us over the top.

With your donation of $100 or more, we’ll send you one of the final few remaining 2011 Cadets Holiday Ornaments which celebrates the Cadets 10 World Championship titles. This great looking, limited edition ornament is the second in a series and is a must for every Cadet fan.

For your donation of $500 or more, your name will be incorporated in the permanent design that will be on the equipment trailer for years to come. At each camp, rehearsal and performance, not to mention every mile rolling down the road, your name will be associated permanently with the organization that means so much to you and to so many others.

Please take a few moments to donate to The 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign. Your contribution will mean more than you ever know to The Cadets of 2012 and beyond.

Best wishes for you and your family during the holiday season and thank you in advance for your gracious contribution to The 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign, and the next time you hear bells from The Cadets percussion section, it could just be you getting your wings!


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