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Letter from YEA!'s CEO to The Cadets' supporters


Dear friends:

Good day.

We have been writing and posting about The 2011 Cadets Holiday Campaign for a few weeks now.

The last time I checked, we had collected $32,000 from about 125 people.

Not bad, and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

But do you know we have on our mailing list 10,000 or so people who have purchased a T-shirt, bought a ticket, bought a video, or marched in The Cadets?

That's 10,000 “no kidding” Cadets fans! And that does not include the other 20,000 who have some level of interest, open an email now and then, but are more or less sitting on the sidelines.

So, to the 9,875 friends, family and alumni — come on board!

Do not wait until the Annual Campaign. Heck, we will need you then too, but we need assistance now to pull off the needed shifts in our trucks.

• The current equipment trailer is going to Cadets2.

• A new truck needs to be purchased, outfitted, painted and readied for tour. This is going to cost $40,000.

• AND the food truck, we have been informed, needs $15K in add-ins, including a new walk-in refrigerator, new ovens and a better exhaust. Heck, last summer we had to toss out food three times as the fridge could not keep up with the 100-degree temps. That has to stop! What a waste that was!

So, let's call it $60K. Yes, we need $60,000. So please donate today.

The Cadets are an absolute joy. The kids are fabulous, the volunteers are a God-send and the staff is a 10. And with 15K miles per year, the cost of running the best drum corps in the world is $1 million.

The kids pay $500,000. We receive $200,000 in performance fees. And the rest we have to raise.

From you. And people like you.

We have no option. We need our friends, family and alumni or we would go out of business. And yes, The Cadets' donors are far and away the most generous in the activity — and we are grateful for that.

See, we have no bingo. We have no gambling income. We have no deep-pocket giver or a six-figure donation from our town. We earn our money and yes, indeed, we ask and ask and ask for folks like you to send a gift our way.

It's kids. Great kids. Doing great things.

Winning is a bonus, but what's going on is way more than that and you know it! We all know it. I am humbled and in tears just thinking about it.

So please donate now with your end-of-year donation.

You will be loving it when you see those trucks pull into a stadium near you! And when you see those young folks look up into the stands, and point to the heavens, you will know that you made a difference. You made yourself a part of The Cadets' legacy!

Happy New Year,


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