Cadets Camp in Review

Christmas in January

We take you inside the three days of the last Cadets camp at Woodstown, N.J. as the World Champions continue work on their 2012 program 12.25.

These reports were filed by Allison Jenkins.  Enjoy as you recap the January 6-8 weekend with the corps.


Camp number three is well underway in Woodstown, N.J., where The Cadets brass and percussion sections have convened to continue learning the music of 12.25.

Melissa Barlow kicked off the camp with a quick meeting to inform the members that they would be sleeping in the library and a few other classrooms Friday night due to a student lock-in taking place in the gym. Unfortunately, this also means no showers until Saturday. Aside from this minor adjustment, it's business as usual.

After the meeting, the corps split into sectionals, which is normal for camp Fridays. Usually this is a night to get back in the groove, warm up and review the material from previous camps. The horn line was divided into high and low brass and spent the evening playing through the extra tunes they have thus far, including the parade tune, "We Need a Little Christmas," and a ballad called "Gaelic Hymnsong" by David Holsinger.

The volunteers served chicken pot pie for snack at midnight, and lights went out in the library at 1 a.m. The Cadets will wake up at 8:00 Saturday morning.


The Cadets woke up at 8 a.m. yesterday and began the day with breakfast and PT (physical training) as usual.


In sectionals, the front ensemble learned their parts to "Do You Hear What I Hear?" while the horn line learned the second piece in the show, "Carol of the Bells." In contrast to the opener, this song is fast: It is currently in two parts, the first at 182 beats per minute and the second at 192 bpm.

Meanwhile, the members of the drum line worked on marching technique until lunch, and the brass players took their turn marching after lunch until dinner. In the afternoon, the drums learned their parts to the second half of "Carol of the Bells."

George Hopkins spent most of the post-dinner "Hop Meeting" going over the member contract, which sets the standard for what it means to behave like a Cadet on tour.

The evening concluded with another sectionals block, in which the brass sections came together to piece together "Carol of the Bells." A snack was served at midnight, and the corps was able to move back into the gym before lights out at 1 a.m.



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