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Cadets2 to "Launch" During the Summer of 2012

A Cadets' classic, soundtrack themes to form inaugural year program

"Launch: to start or set in motion." And to put in motion is precisely what the creative and design team of Cadets2 is planning to do with the announcement of the program titled “Launch” for the Corps’ inaugural season.

Cadets2 Director, Eric Kitchenman, said in announcing the program, “We were looking for a theme that could function on a level as a wonderful platform for our members, but also say something about this significant first year of our existence. The very concept of a ‘launch’ is something that intrinsically conjures visions of exploration, a new beginning and a promise for the future. We plan to bring that to the field in the same trademark style of The Cadets.”cadets2_ad250.jpg

Rich Hammond, program coordinator for Cadets2 said of the design team, “The corps is so fortunate to be working with the likes of legendary arranger Jay Bocook, brass supervisor Gino Cipriani, percussion arrangers Colin McNutt and Iain Moyer and Cadets’ visual designer Jeff Sacktig on the ‘Launch’ program. Not to mention, the great work we anticipate from Bobby Sherretz and the colorguard staff as we put the show on the field later this spring.”

Long-time Cadets fans will immediately be pulled into the show with the exciting opening strains of “To Tame the Perilous Skies,” the David Holsinger classic, which coincidentally is marking its 20th Anniversary of the program that the Cadets flew to a second place finish in 1992.

Following “’Perilous Skies” the corps segues into the ballad titled “An Awful Waste of Space” from the motion picture ‘Contact’ by composer Alan Silvestri.

The closing sequence of the program begins with music from the soundtrack of “The Right Stuff” by composer Bill Conti, before the 2012 inaugural program concludes with the James Horner composition “Launch” from the motion picture “Apollo 13.”

Preparations continue for the Cadets2 inaugural season with the January rehearsal being held on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21 and 22 at a location in the Greater Lehigh Valley area of Eastern Pennsylvania. Plans are for a long-term permanent home for the corps to be announced in the very near future.

Positions are still available in the low brass sections and the front percussion ensemble of the corps, with color guard rehearsals beginning on April 21 and 22.

If you are interested in participating in Cadets2 in its very exciting first year, please contact Melissa Barlow at 610-821-0345 ext. 115 or email


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