A Message from Cadets alumni Dave Shaw

The Cadets' 78th year of building memories

The Cadets will be moving on to our 78th year of continuous operation in 2012. We've been fortunate enough to have experienced the "good old days," the more recent past, and modern-era drum corps.

During all of those 78 years young men and later young women experienced, and continue to experience, all the life-altering experiences that the historical forums are designed to preserve and celebrate. Earlier this week a poster on one of the historical threads on that site wisely suggested that nostalgia for "our time" and "our memories" probably does, at least for some of us, cause us to sometimes overlook the joy of knowing that each spring a new generation begins to lay the foundation for the memories and nostalgia that they too will some day probably look back upon with the feeling of "paradise lost" that many of us might be currently feeling.alumni

The Church of the Most Holy Name in Garfield, where The Cadets began our journey all those years ago, is currently celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the parish. The Cadets, in recognition of our heritage, are tentatively scheduled to participate in the closing event of that anniversary celebration in early June of 2012.

 My personal viewpoint is that we all, The Cadets and those we have had the honor to share the field of competition with over these many years, have been uniquely blessed with memories that can never be tarnished. How fortunate that, as an activity, we have our past, our present, and with each Spring, a new future. I will never forget "my time" and "my memories," but I still feel a surge of excitement as I look forward to each new year.

CADETS2 — "to the power of 2"

This year, 2012, will be the inaugural year of Cadets2, and speaking for myself, I am looking forward to seeing them the first time with great anticipation.

The "2" part of their name is certainly not intended to infer that they are "lesser than" any other Cadets. They also are Holy Name Cadets — "to the power of 2"; inheritors of the history, the heritage, the values, and the standards shared by all Cadets.

As we gather to sing our much-loved corps hymn, "O Holy Name," the circle will open and they will come to understand the bond that unites all Cadets. Yes, they will be traveling a different road, but ironically their first-year experience in the corps will be remarkably similar to the locally-based experience of earlier Cadet corps in earlier years. Yes, like each year's Corps of Cadets they will have to carve out their own unique place in our shared 78 year history. I am one alumnus who feels very confident that they will do just that! Our newest Cadets probably don't realize it at this early hour, but thousands of Cadet Alumni "ghosts" will be marching with you as you take that first step off-the-line. Good luck Cadets2, and never forget who you are!

One final thought

To our great World Champion Cadets of 2011 — well done! You made every Cadet alumnus more proud and more honored by your achievement than you can possibly imagine. Thank you!


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