January Alumni Meeting Reviewed

Event feedback requested

We had our first meeting of 2012 at Barcelona's in Garfield, N.J. on Thursday, Jan. 19.  As always, the pizza was delicious and the company was too.
We discussed a few things going forward in regard to what our role should be as an alumni group of The Cadets. A committee was formed to come up with some new and fresh ideas. That committee will be reporting back at the next meeting and the alumni present will vote on which idea the majority agrees on. There will be more to come.
A spring picnic was also discussed. There are catering companies that will come to the site we reserve (park with pavilion) and prepare all the food (grilled items and salads), set up, clean up and it's all for a nominal price. It costs approximately $25 per person with tax for a stress-free day of fun, with no labor on our part. What could be better? They also set up volleyball nets and bring equipment and we can bring our own softball equipment, or whatever else you would like to bring.
Before I go further into planning this, I need to hear from you. I have to make sure that we have a solid number of people to ensure this event's success. While I don't have a specific date yet, please email me and let me know if you are interested or not. You will not be held to anything but I need to know at least the level of interest before I go ahead with the planning.
The status of the alumni corps was also discussed, with many members present. Pat Vazquez noted that he is in discussion with George Hopkins to discuss a better way to unify the corps and the alumni corps and also a way to increase membership. While this may not be the answer, it can't hurt to open up the discussions.
I will be sending out the caps for The Cadets' information soon, along with the pizza and ice cream party information where we distribute the caps, as soon as the information is made available to me.
Our next gathering will be sometime in March.  I will keep everyone posted on that date and venue.


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