U Call the Shots at February Cadets Camp

Tell us what you'd like to see and hear on Facebook

We have a good many Cadets fans staying tuned into the corps through our Facebook page and Twitter feed, especially throughout the camps in the winter. For all of those fans, we wanted to offer up a new feature U Call the Shots where will take a few images or video and share it based on what the crowd of Cadets fans, friends and alumni want to see. Originally an experiment in January, we bring back the feature for the February camp.

Of course to make this legit, we need three simple rules:  1) Please don’t ask us for anything explicit or tawdry, after all this is a family show.  2) We’ll try to provide audio and video, but remember the show is a work in progress, so we won’t be posting too many reps.  3) Not every request can be answered, so hang in there, and we’ll do our best.

So starting now, send in your posts via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get working starting Friday night and through Sunday at camp to post what you want to see and hear.


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