2012 Fall Season Update for January

Nationals slots filling up; schedule to be released soon

Now that everyone has seen the announcement regarding the USBands National Championships and so many of you have registered, the end of January is a great time to fill you in a bit on what we have been working on for the Fall! 

We are close to filling half of all of the available slots for the Nationals, and we are excited about the possibility for the greatest season in the history of the organization!nats

We’re about one week away from the announcement of the first draft of the 2012 USBands schedule, but thought we would share some insight with you now. Not all of the plans are complete but, you can at least see where we are headed.

Event Status

Marine Corps Invitational — Locked for October 6 in Annapolis, Maryland
Yamaha Cup — Met Life Stadium — We are still waiting for final confirmation. Date looks to be Oct. 6 or Oct. 13.
Regional Event — J Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown — We will be announcing a big-time regional event for Oct. 27 at J. Birney Crum Stadium. All bands will be invited, with a maximum of 45. We do have some coordination to work out with Pennsylvania bands but we do have the stadium.
Texas State Champs — We are looking to return to a single show as of now, on Nov. 3 in the San Antonio-Austin area. We are still negotiating a site.
Rutgers Stadium — We have talked to folks “in the know” and are still awaiting the final football schedule. Our dream is to move all of the N.J. State Championships to Rutgers, and yes, a dream, but something we are working on.
College of N.J. — We are awaiting dates. We had a lunch this Friday that was cancelled. Back at it!
New England State Championships — We are looking to move to the Coast Guard Academy but there are some date challenges. We have even had discussions to perform at Fenway Park! It’s a long shot but that would be excellent!
Bridgeport, Conn. — We are looking to put together an earlier season special event at Bridgeport; fewer bands and easier parking situations.
Virginia State Champs — will again be on the third. We have been in contact with the University of Richmond but at this time it appears that the facility cannot be secured. We are looking at Liberty University but we are a bit worried about the distance for some of the bands. More to come!
And on the local side, we have about 70 sponsors confirmed. We have more to go. Our goal for the fall: 100 local band-hosted events plus the USBands hosted Regionals, States Championships, Special Events, and of course the National Championships.
We will be listing all we have on Feb. 2, GROUND HOG DAY! This will be a work in progress but give you a good idea as to how the schedule is shaking out. You WILL NOT be able to sign at that time but you will be able to see our progress!


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