Special Request for Volunteers to Join Truck Building Team

Volunteers needed to ready fleet for spring training

With the repair to the food truck (new walk-in fridge) and the equipment truck (new truck being purchased and outfit).  We are in need of a special kind of volunteer.

According to Bill Speakman, operations director for YEA! and a longtime Cadet fan, we need:
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1.       A refrigeration technician

2.       A mechanic (gas & diesel)

3.       A welder/metal fabricator

4.       Carpenters and painters

5.       Engineers (practical)

We will be working on the trucks each weekend with the hope of being ready for spring training.

Over the past years, we have been fortunate to have some great folks like Bill Croissant and George Lucas, and yes, many others, who were able and willing to take on these kinds of physical tasks. Heck, at least in the past 30 years we have had four or five trucks and each time volunteers made it happen!

And it looks like, we need to create a new team! A team who can assist in giving The Cadets the rolling stock deserving of a 10-time World Champion.

Can you forward to someone who might be able to assist? Can you post on a wall?

Please respond to Bill at Bill@YEA.org or call 610-821-0345 ext. 126



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