Friday Night Camp Update from Woodstown, N.J.

The Cadets reviewed music and learned a beloved hymn

The Cadets are up and at it already this morning after a long first night at the second camp this month.  Camp is being held again at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J.

Drum line attendance is high this weekend, while the brass section was a bit sparse tonight. As the evening progressed, more members arrived, so the line will be more filled out tomorrow. High winds in the Philly Airport had flight delays of an hour or more affecting some of the travel plans of Cadet members.  As usual, the drums and horns split off into sectionals – the drum line in the auditorium, the brass sections divided between classrooms where they reviewed “Jump,” “Gaelic Hymnsong” and “We Need A Little Christmas.”

Then the brass staff began teaching “On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss,” a traditional-rich song the corps plays before every show during the summer. The Cadets first performed the ballad (based on the hymn, “It Is Well with My Soul”) in their championship show, In the Spring, At the Time When Kings Go Off to War, in the summer of 1993. The arrangement has hardly changed since early nineties; a small ensemble still steps forward to play a verse of “It Is Well,” before the full brass section builds to the chorus. The piece ends with a soft and solemn trumpet solo. Once the competitive season starts, “Philip Bliss” quickly becomes one of the most beloved pieces of music the members of The Cadets perform.


The music is tough, though, and after a challenging evening of rehearsal, everyone stacked (that is, lined up) their instruments and headed to the cafeteria for some sloppy joes. And that brings us to the end of Friday.


After the cafeteria cleared out tonight, Tour Manager Patrick Duncan (a former member of the marching staff and an extremely talented Cadet marcher himself) spent some time helping Amanda Florence, a second mellophone player, with her straight-leg technique.


And now, the corps awakes for Day Two… watch for updates online and on the corps Facebook page at  Remember, 'U Call the Shots' this weekend.  Post what you would like to see from camp and we'll do our best to post it!


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