February is Cadets History Month

Corps Online Pages will Celebrate Cadets Memories and Milestones All Month

An amazing outpouring of stories, emotions and most importantly love and respect for The Cadets have been posted through the Corps' History Month which can be seen on the corps' Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cadets.org.  If you're not part of the current discussions, we invite you to find out check in and relive the memories!

As for Cadets History Month, the year 2012 marks the 78th consecutive year of operation for The Cadets, and while our future is bright, we would like to take the month of February to reflect on the memories and milestones of the corps throughout the month of February.Cadets Circa 1945
Each day in the month of February, we will devote a few posts on the official Cadets Facebook and YouTube pages to reliving some of the greatest moments of the past seven-plus decades.
The assistant director of marketing for YEA! and The Cadets, and the curator of the February Corps History Month project Mike Miller said, “We are lucky to have a great deal of video source materials from 1980–2011, plus we will be including images and facts from throughout the entire history of the corps as we go.”
One particular exciting feature will be a twice-daily feature where we select a few minutes from each corps’ championship performances from throughout the '80s, '90s and 2000s.  One person per day who ‘likes’ the video on Facebook or YouTube will receive a DVD compilation from that decade.
Stay tuned to Facebook.com/Cadets and The Cadets homepage for more features throughout the month.

Cadets Corps Proper Uniforms (up till 2002)


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