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Cadets2 Invigorated for March 3-4 Camp

Full-out Recruiting Underway for Brass, Pit and Guard


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Five rehearsals into the history of Cadets2 and the corps is beginning to show the promise that members and staff expected when the program was launched a little more than 10 months ago.

Coming off of a successful two day rehearsal camp over the Feb. 11 and 12 weekend, the corps has played over half of the show and the experience the kids are having is showing in all of their post rehearsal comments.  Here’s what some of the members are saying on Facebook:

Andrew Kain “AMAZING!!!”

Steven Day “It was a great camp. I'm extremely surprised not only at how much fun I'm having with the music, but how well the whole group is playing for this part of the season.”

Daniel Brandt “incredible. i love being in an environment where nothing less than your 100% is expected. and playing with the battery for the first time pretty much made my weekend perfect.”

Rebecca Karu “camp was the best experience I ever had. It was so much fun meeting new people having fun with my friends and doing what I love the most.”

Jason Welsh “I was really glad to see the alumni there on saturday and it was nice to know that the alumni association wants us to succeed as a program and I know their support throughout the season is going to be strong and greatly appreciated by cadets2.”

Ryan Brodhead “One word, amazing. Greatest experience yet again. Opener sounds amazing. Can't wait to be playing bass five on HB^2!”

Marshall Hallam “I cannot describe the experience that is The Cadets2. This is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular events in my life. To start something with such a proud history prior to it is amazing. The idea to be able to say in 20 or 30 years that I was here is almost surreal. I loved every second and envy for more. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Evan James Young “This is gonna be quite a show ladies and gentlemen. :)”

Eddie Griffin “amazing! i had so much fun and learned a lot once again! i can’t wait to go back next month and get through some more show music”

Ben Rivera “So much fun. Can't wait for next month. Music’s great.  Sore, but it's that good hurt cause it is all worth it.”

Abby J. Molen “Standing in front of the full corps and listening to the show music was amazing. Everyone sounded great. I can't wait to see what we can do with a full brass line! Let's fill those spots people!”

George Hopkins interim director of the corps said, “Hearing the seven or so minutes the staff and members have put together is quite impressive.  The drumline is much farther along than we thought at this point, but we are in need of brass and pit percussion members to kick us to the next level.”

Program coordinator Rich Hammond said, “Literally, we are two dozen committed brass members away from the program reaching its goals for its first year.  That is saying something remarkable about the future of the corps and the excitement we will bring to the field this summer.”

Front ensemble percussion instructor Andrew Monteiro had another successful camp, but is still in need of the few “seasoned” mallet players who will put the group over the top.  “Iain Moyer(Cadets and Cadets2 front ensemble arranger) has written an excellent book for the members.  For it to really come alive, we need to fill the final few positions.”  Monteiro added, “If you’ve always wanted to have a Cadets’ level experience, or if you’re training to join The Cadets at some point, this is a great, great opportunity.”


Recruitment is kicking into high gear for the corps that members of the Cadets2 brass instructional staff will be in New Jersey and Pennsylvania beginning this Sunday at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J. to audition prospective brass members for the corps.

“Think of it like American Idol, minus the drama, where we bring the audition to you, rather than you coming to the audition.  If you get a ‘maroon and golden’ ticket – you’re off to Allentown to become a member of Cadets2,” said Melissa Barlow, assistant director of performing ensembles and resident American Idol fan.

RSVP’s are required to guarantee staff member availability.

Sunday, February 19 – Woodstown High School – Woodstown, NJ

Tuesday, February 21 – TBA North NJ HS location

Wednesday, February 22 – TBA Central NJ HS location

Thursday, February 23 - TBA Eastern PA HS location

Friday, February 24 – Auditions at NJMEA for All-State Band Members (details to be announced)

To RSVP for auditions, please contact Melissa at


Also in exciting news, recruitment for colorguard members will join into the excitement with the announcement that members of the Cadets2 guard staff will be taking to the road in March and April for a series of auditions at high schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Tentative dates for the Cadets2 ‘On the Road’ Colorguard Auditions

Sunday, March 4 – Allentown, PA area

Sunday, March 11 – Northern NJ area

Sunday, March 18 – Southern NJ area

Sunday, March 25 – Central PA area                                                                         

Sunday, April 1 - TBA

Saturday, April 14 – USBands Indoor Championship – Trenton, N.J.

Saturday, April 21 – Allentown, PA

Saturday, May 5 – Bridgewater-Raritan HS – Bridgewater, N.J.

These dates and locations are subject to change.  Watch for confirmations coming soon.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the up and coming Cadets2 program, contact Melissa Barlow at or at 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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