February Camp: Saturday Recap

A very successful camp thus far


After Saturday morning’s sectional block, The Cadets enjoyed some Philly cheesesteaks for lunch. Then the percussionists headed back into sectionals, while the brass worked on marching technique for a little over three and a half hours.

Throughout the day, a few wonderful volunteers worked down the corps roster, fitting everyone into their own uniforms. This is always a special and surreal moment for many rookies who put the uniform on for the very first time.

At 6:15 p.m., everyone came back to the cafeteria for a beef stew dinner. As usual, a Hop Meeting followed. Among other topics and stories, Hopkins talked to the members about integrity and trust within the corps. It’s so important for a new drum corps to collectively grasp the magnitude of each member’s contribution to the program.


The sections separated back into rehearsals until 10:00 p.m., when the brass sections convened with Gino in the cafeteria to work through “Carol of the Bells” and our jazzy arrangement of “Jingle Bells” for an hour.

At 11:00 p.m., they broke with the typical camp schedule and met up with the drum line and pit in the gym to play through “Carol of the Bells” together. Some key players have to leave camp a little early tomorrow, so the staff wanted to hear the full ensemble while they had the chance. So far, this weekend has been very successful, and Hopkins was pleased with the ensemble run-through of the opener – all of which, by the way, is now over 190 beats per minute.

Corn dogs and leftovers were served for snack, and the lights went out at 1:00 a.m. The Cadets are up again at 7:30 Sunday morning.

The Cadets share Woodstown High School this Sunday with auditions for the Cadets2 brass section.  Cadets2 is the weekend-only, regionally based program which will give members a Cadets-quality experience without the traditional time and financial commitment of The Cadets.  Cadets2 is proving to be a training opportunity for many who are working on their skills in anticipation to march with The Cadets in 2013 or further in the future. There are still positions available in the trumpet, baritone, tuba and front percussion sections.

For information on auditioning for Cadets2, please contact Melissa Barlow at melissa@yea.org or 610.821.0345 ext 115.


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