February Camp Wrap-up

The music is coming together, and morale is high

The Cadets woke up at 7:30 on Sunday morning to the main theme from Jurassic Park. Sore members gradually arrived in the cafeteria, where blueberry, chocolate chip and regular pancakes steamed in big pans. Soon the corps was stretching in the gym.

Brass sectionals resumed at 9:30 a.m., while the drum line stayed in the gym for a brief marching block. The horns warmed up in sub-sectionals and reviewed key parts in their music before one last full-brass run-down of each show tune before ensemble.

At 12:45, the brass and drums met up with the pit in the gym for “Show and Tell.” As expected, the brass section had thinned out a lot due to some early departures, but the corps got great work done with the members who stayed. The brass and percussion pieced together “Carol of the Bells” parts one and two again, and then the brass and front ensemble played “Do You Hear What I Hear?” and the beginning of “Jingle Bells.” They closed out camp with “Hark!” and all of the extra tunes, including “Jump” with the drum line.


This camp was a turning point for The 2012 Cadets in music and morale. Excitement is brewing among the members; the show music really started to come together this weekend. Check out The Cadets’ facebook page soon for video updates from The Cadets’ February Camp!


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