USBands National Signing Day: 2012 Registering Bands for Fall Shows

140-plus shows on the jam-packed fall schedule


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2 fall drummers

Every four years there’s a Leap Day added to the calendar.

USBands is celebrating this extra day of the year by kicking off the 2012 season with National Signing Day for band directors TODAY, Feb. 29.

Register for the 2012 USBands Fall Marching Band season via the link coming soon.

Registration for the 2012 USBands Fall Marching Band Season will go live during the day as part of our National Signing Day 2012. This is the directors' first chance to sign up for the local, regional and national shows they already have circled on their calendar, and to take a look at new events which have been added to the schedule for 2012. While there are a still events which are tentative on the schedule, over 90 percent of the shows are locked and you can confirm the majority of your schedule before the first day of March.

USBands will be sending out links and reminders throughout the day on Wednesday as soon as the schedule is live. There is always great competition to see the first director to register their band for their season.

Band directors are encouraged to fill out the 2012 Band Director Survey immediately after registering for the season.  Select band directors who complete the short survey will win great prizes!


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