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Big Weekend for Cadets2; Uniforms Bring Corps One Step Closer 2 Launch

Enthusiasm and Turn-out Expected 2 be High This Weekend

An emotional experience for most every Cadets member is taken up another notch during the March 3–4 weekend as for the first time in history, Cadets2 members will be fitted for their uniforms for the inaugural 2012 season.

“We see it every year with The Cadets. The emotion that comes with putting on the uniform, even for a fitting, is met with tears and smiles. We can only imagine what this experience will be for the first-ever Cadets2 members,” said Melissa Barlow, member of the Cadets and Cadets2 admin team. “Thanks to our fantastic volunteer team, each one of these young people will have a memory to carry with them for the summer and beyond.”

rich hammond

After the two-week “Countdown 2 March 3” campaign, the corps is closer than ever to achieving the full corps that has been projected for nearly a year, said Program Coordinator Rich Hammond. “We’ve had a strong response for the front ensemble and for brass since we started our campaign. But we still need to dig deeper to bring in a few more members to reach our goal.”

Watch this video filmed this week from Rich Hammond about the progress of the team.

Tubas are a main area of focus as the corps tries to round out the brass section which will number between 45–55 members when the visual design process begins in a matter of days. Brass players on all instruments are encouraged to attend the March 3–4 camp as adjustments to the final blend of the line will continue over the next few weeks.

Hammond added, “We pretty much don’t rule out anything at this point, especially in a first year endeavor. We have a super nucleus of members, a fantastic instructional team, exceptional charts from Jay Bocook, Colin McNutt and Iain Moyer. This is a place where members are going to have a great, great experience.”

Camp will be held at South Mountain Middle School, 709 West Emmaus Avenue in Allentown, Pa., 18103.

If you plan on attending camp, please contact Melissa Barlow at or at 610-821-0345 ext. 115.

Colorguard auditions begin this weekend as well, with Cadets2 staff on hand for interested guard members from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. Sunday at South Mountain Middle School.  RSVP to if you intend to audition Sunday.

Additional colorguard auditions are scheduled for select locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the upcoming weeks:

  • North New Jersey — Sunday, March 11
  • South New Jersey — TBA — Sunday, March 18
  • Central Pennsylvania — TBA — Sunday, March 25
  • USBands Indoor Championships — Sun National Bank Arena — Trenton, NJ — Saturday, April 14


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