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Cadets2 Camp Exceeds Expectations

Brass positions still open for those who wish to make history

From the vibe of the members and staff at the end of ensemble rehearsal on Sunday, the Cadets2 organization has crossed another significant milestone in their history as the countdown to their ‘launch’ continues.barlowcadets2.jpg

Not only did the corps play through the show for the very first time, but the excitement of having so many members at the rehearsal is reinforcing the reality that the corps is going to have a remarkable first season.

A weekend filled with over twenty hours of rehearsal blocks, colorguard auditions, a session with section leaders of the 2012 Cadets as well as an official visit from DCA representatives on the stability of the organization capped yet another busy and productive weekend.

“In only five rehearsals, we’ve been able to take a program from the drawing board to the launch pad,” said Program Coordinator Rich Hammond. “We still have a ways to go, and our recruiting will now be beefed up to fill those final few low brass spots and completing the colorguard. “Having the representative from Drum Corps Associates on hand was another step in our progression, and we are proud to say we have been officially approved as a DCA corps after the visit.”

George Hopkins, director of The Cadets and CEO of YEA! said, “The energy level of the corps is exciting and the improvement since the last camp three weeks ago is tremendous. Having the turnout we had this weekend gives us a lot of momentum for the March 31–April 1 camp.” He added, “We had the chance to introduce the 2012 Cadets section leaders to Cadets2, and after the rehearsal they too were impressed on the progress of the corps.”

Although tired from a full workout all weekend, they were enthused, writing on Facebook:

Daniel Brandt: “I wish the weekend hadn't gone by so fast. I've gotten addicted to the collective drive of the corps. It was really nice to see more pit members and low brass as well too.”
Ryan Brodhead: “I never wanted it to end, this summer is going to be great.”
Stephen Patterson: “Loved it! Playing with such a talented ensemble put a smile on my face and a bob in my head! Uniform fitting was surreal. Gonna go home and practice all day every day!”
Billy Capozzi: “This weekend put me to the test, and probably likewise with everyone in the corps. Learning an entire tune in a single weekend is no easy feat, and we pulled it off. The ensemble today provided a good taste of what will come from this corps, and definitely showed that there's a collective drive to be great within the Cadets2. With each camp, I find myself feeling more and more excited for what's to come this summer.”

For those interested in being part of the inaugural season of Cadets2, there are still positions available in the low brass section including baritone and tuba. Contact Minesh Shah at with any questions you might have. The corps will be setting up select brass audition opportunities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks.
Colorguard auditions will be continuing as well throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with dates and locations to be set in northern New Jersey, southern New Jersey and central Pennsylvania. There will be an audition at the next Cadets2 rehearsal at South Mountain Middle School in Allentown on April 1. There will also be an audition at the USBands Indoor Championship at the Sun Bank Arena in Trenton, N.J. on Saturday, April 14. Interested guard performers should RSVP


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