Play the 2012 Cadets Bracket Challenge to Pick the Best Show from 1980-2011

Bracket of last 32 Cadets programs face off against each other

The Cadets are getting into the spirit of March Madness with brackets of their own as they call on fans and alumni to pick their favorite productions from the past 32 years from 1980–2011 in the 2012 Cadets Bracket Challenge.

Each week the most popular Cadets programs will advance until The Cadets Bracket Challenge Champion Show for 2012 is crowned.The-Cadets-bracketechallenge-logo.png
Seedings for the 2012 Cadets Bracket Challenge were selected from the results of the number of ‘likes’ each video received during February’s Cadets History Month on The Cadets Facebook page.
To play, all fans have to do is visit The Cadets Bracket Challenge and complete their brackets in the first round of the Challenge which features 16 head-to-head contests between fan favorite shows.

Fans will have five chances to vote as the most popular shows advance over the next three weeks until the 2012 Cadets Bracket Challenge Winner is announced on Monday, April 2.

Round 1               Vote for Your Favorite 16 Shows               March 13–16
Round 2               Vote for Your Favorite 8 Shows                 March 17–20
Round 3               Vote for Your Favorite 4 Shows                 March 21–24
Round 4               Vote for Your Favorite 2 Shows                 March 25–28
Round 5               Vote for Your Favorite Show                      March 29–April 1
To spice up the action a little, select voters in The Cadets Bracket Challenge will win DVDs, hats, tees, polos and tickets to great upcoming events this summer!  Play and watch for your chance to win during the 2012 Cadets Bracket Challenge.
The Cadets Bracket Challenge is for entertainment only.  PLEASE, NO WAGERING!


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