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Web Designer Position for YEA!

We have a job for a web designer and manager

To:  Tech Folks who love band and drum corps and a challenge
From: George Hopkins- CEO of  Youth Education in the Arts

What follows below is a job description for someone to come to the beautiful world of Allentown, PA and help us, lead us, and support us, as we grow year after year in our efforts to assist and support young people through their participation in the arts.
We have four programs now including the Cadets, Cadets2, USBands and the Urban Arts Center
We do much to sell what we do on line, in person and in any way possible
We have to raise a good bit of funding in order to serve our mission.
We sell shirts.
We run marchathons.
We sell tickets.
And we support tens of thousands of band students in their world of marching bands.
In this effort, we need someone to guide the process and take the actions to create the best web site imaginable.
Before you read the qualifications page, I want to share some of the background of the position:
Ø  You WILL have to be in Allentown. Perhaps not every day, but three days a week at the very minimum. For you are going to have to see what we are up to, and frankly, the synergy of this place is what makes us who we are. We have tried off site folks and it never works. Call us old fashioned, I think we just do better  when we can go to a whiteboard and jump and down through the process of creating,
Ø  We do our work after school and on weekends so availability is key. Do you want to work 11 am – 8 pm? Fine and dandy!  Can you work weekends?? Well, you should and for sure you need to make sure stories and scores are up and running.
Ø  We also do a good bit in social marketing and the interactive components of the website to Facebook, to Twitter, to our mailings, to all we do  this is definitely something that is a part of this job and something that is critical to this job and the entire marketing effort.
Ø  If you do not love band, or corps, or music, well I am not sure this gig is for you. We are trying to revolutionize how we reach our many constituencies and we need someone who loves all of this as much as we do.
And finally, we may not be paying a ton of money to begin but for the right person, this is the job of a lifetime! You will learn, you will have impact, and you will be able to lead. This is the place to try out those ideas on the back shelf! This is the place to have a little fun, and to contribute to the team, a team that is committed to the development of young people to magnificent human beings! And the emphasis is on magnificent!
But hey, we are looking for quality. We are promoting the Cadets, Cadets2, and the largest and most active marching program in the country.  We  have a multitude of access points, a good bit of integration and big dreams. My point here is that you need to know what you are doing J to get this gig!!
So, write to me direct at and I will get things rolling and hopefully you will be here in the office before you know it!

Web/Online Manager

Job Description:
The Web/Online manager is responsible for developing and implementing the online CMS and CRM
presence for Youth Education on the Arts.   YEA! currently utilized CONVIO data system and we will be housed there for at least the next 12 months.
Reporting to the Director of Marketing this position will be responsible for achieving the organization’s online communications and information management goals. This includes web design, content presentation, database/website interaction, and web interfaces to social marketing efforts.
While this position is not expected to be a database programming specialist, it is expected thathe/she will learn and understand the basic features of existing databases at YEA! and be able to manage data interactions with the website.
This position requires a good amount of weekend work, some travel and constant availability via phone and/or e-mail. We are a performance and weekend-based operation and posting should be ASAP.
·         Re-design and maintain YEA!s website, including all departments and programs
·         Work with sales and marketing teams to provide online support of merchandising, recruiting and other sales efforts.
·         Manage interactions and interfaces to web and other YEA! systems and databases.
·         Research, understand and implement new web applications, plug-ins, etc.
·         Be a part of the team to manage the interaction of CRM and programmatic Databases to the Website(s)
·         Troubleshoot and address issues as they occur, including managing relationships with vendor technical support.
Post secondary degree with web creation and management experience  is desirable.
·         You really need to Know Convio or be able to hit the ground running within this system
·         Website creation and management experience.
·         Web and HTML e-mail design skills.
·         Thorough understanding of HTML and other website coding schemes and languages.
·         Ability to learn and understand the basic features of online CRM databases as stand-alone systems and as integrated to our website, including web/database interfaces and forms.
·         High energy, positive, “can-do” attitude, flexibility, teamwork, and attention to detail; high degree of initiative.
·         Excellent analytical skills
·         Excellent general computer skills and knowledge including graphics and office software systems.
Interested? Please send your resume and attached cover letter to ne directly at
The position is open now and we would like to hire before Easter if that is at all possible.
One more thing -- Salary?
We are a non profit. We cannot pay a ton but we can work to be fair. Frankly, this is probably not a job for a high level tech guy. We are a 5 million dollar company, we have 25 staff, 250 volunteers and a ton of people we are trying to help in the world. Many of the staff are twenty-somethings, they are in their first or second job and making in the high twenty’s to maybe forty thousand  -- but of course those who have been here and have contributed to the company make a good deal more!
Does that help you decide if this is for you ??? I hope so.


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