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George Hopkins and USBands to Visit Band Parent Meetings

Live Learning Sessions to Help in Planning for Future

US Bands is happy to announce a special opportunity for band parents associations within the USBands program.

George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts and the director of the 10-time world champion Cadets, as well as the advisor to the USBands management team, has made himself available to speak to USBands parents associations for no charge. The only expense to the band association will be the expense of travel.

Hopkins, active in the marching activity as a performer from 1968-1978, a teacher from 1979-1982 and the director and CEO of Youth Education in the Arts for 30 years, will discuss a variety of subjects but more than anything, will be available to answer questions.

Included in the presentation:

What does USBands do for your students?

Why should you care about the judges and where they are from?

What are these folks judging anyway?

Why we do band?

The future of band and marching music

and much more

To secure a visit from Mr. Hopkins, all that needs to be done is an official response to USBands. Please write to Melissa Reese at and we will take care of things from there. We will need to know what time your meeting is at, and please do include anything you might want Mr. Hopkins to center on specifically.

The dates available as of March 24th are:

Wed, April 4

Thurs, April 5

Wed, April 18

Thurs, April  19

Monday, April 23

Tuesday, April 24

Thursday, April 26

Tuesday, May 1

Tuesday, May 9

The program, if more convenient for your parent group will also be offered in September.

Best wishes for a great Spring from all of us here at USBands



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