Hopkins Design & Programming Webinar #2 Available OnDemand

"The Cadets Show Design: The Beginning Session"

By popular demand, George Hopkins, The Cadets' director and program coordinator, presents part two of his Cadets show design and programming webinars available OnDemand for your convenience.

"Cadets Show Design: The Beginning Session" takes a step back after the successful initial Cadets educational webinar was webcast earlier in February, reviewing the vast history of The Cadets and George's memorable judging experiences throughout the nation.

Registration for George Hopkins' "Cadets Show Design: The Advanced Session" is $10.
George Hopkins, who in addition to his role as CEO of Youth Education in the Arts, is charged with creating the programs for The Cadets will spend an hour discussion band programming for bands of all sizes and abilities.hopwithmic250.jpg
Hopkins covers a wide range of topics including:
Where do the ideas come from?
How do we integrate the various designers?
How does percussion fit into this?

How does the color guard get written in ?
Is classical better than pop?
Is pop better than classical?
How do we create effects and avoid becoming boring?
These and other questions will be answered over an hour long presentation that you and your team will want to listen to as they review ideas and prepare for the 2012 competitive marching band season.

Directors are encouraged to use The Cadets Webinar Series as part of their ongoing personal development and to register The Cadets clinic with their music supervisor. In many cases, the entire cost will be reimbursed and credit given for the additional training.

The George Hopkins sesson will only be available until April 25, so we encourage you to schedule a brief sixty minute block to learn the secrets behind the 10-time DCI World Champions.

Do join us for this spirited one hour session which will put you on the road to a very special 2012 fall marching band season.


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