The Cadets' Search for a Full and Fabulous Corps

Members unable to make payments result in open slots

The Cadets' last camp weekend for 2012 is coming up April 27, 28 & 29, and we have openings for those interested in being a member of the brass section and the color guard; as well, we are looking for one fabulous marimba player.[object Object]

Perhaps as a result of the economic situations in the country, we have had a number of members resign their positions over the past month as they are unable to pay tuition and other fees. Most of these members did participate through the winter but as the deadlines approached for payments, a few folks made the decision to not continue.

According to George Hopkins, director of The Cadets, “We have been clear from the beginning that we were not going to be able to turn our backs on unpaid fees. As you would think, with fuel prices, food prices and many of the other expenses associated with corps rising quickly, the organization has a level of income that we must meet if we are to be successful."

"At the same time," said Hopkins, "in deference to those who do pay the fees, we believe we have to be consistent in our policies. Watching members depart can be difficult but all need to do their part. We are fortunate to have a great donor base but still, the member contribution needs to be there for all the system to work for all.”

If you believe you have the talent to be in The Cadets, and you have the fiscal ability to pay the appropriate fees, fees that total close to $3,000 for tour, spring training (a total of 90 days in rehearsals and on the road) and a few miscellaneous fees, this is your chance of a lifetime.

Perhaps you thought you were not going to march this year?

Perhaps this is your age-out season?

Perhaps you are a college music major who truly needs a summer of drum corps to have the background necessary to land a job out of college?

Regardless the situation, there is an opening here that will close shortly. Why not join us for a summer of Christmas celebration as we bring to the field our production of  “12.25”?

•      Spring Training opens May 12

•       Tour begins June 7

•       Our first competition is June 16

Join the Cadets. Come to rehearsal in April to audition. But first, to express your interest and to be sure you are added to all member mailing lists for the next few weeks, write to Melissa Babalonis at  She will connect you to the staff members who might have additional information and insight.

This is an unusual opportunity. At the April rehearsals all music for 2012 will be complete and a minute of the visual program will be on the field. If you want to come on board, act now, we only have a few positions.

If you are college-aged, experienced in college band or corps, and you are able to make the tuition requirements for 2012, contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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