The Cadets Offers $1,500 in Tour Credits for Mellophone Soloist

Talented mellophonist central focus for 2012 program

The Cadets needs THE mellophone soloist for 2012 to be a member of The Cadets this summer. cadetmello

As the summer unfolds, it is becoming more and more clear that the program will have as a center focus, the ability of one young man or woman to communicate in grand musicality some of the lyrical lines present in a show centered around the music of the holidays.

As brass arranger Jay Bocook said, “We have a great mellophone section and here at The Cadets we have been blessed to have talented and committed players for years and years. Indeed, last year’s section was spectacular. But this year is different. What we are looking for is sensitivity and ability to communicate that may be present in just a few of the mature players across the country.” In line with this, The Cadets will be auditioning mellophone soloists over the weekend of April 27–29.

Current members are encouraged to audition but the corps will also accept those who have not yet been to a rehearsal of The Cadets. This is a special situation, and the corps is willing to take this step to insure communication of its musical intentions at the highest levels.

The formal audition will be conducted over the April 27–29 weekend and each soloist should have a 90-second to two-minute audition piece prepared. The Cadets will also send the exact solo to those in the corps, as well as to any folks who plan to come to audition.

For those attending the weekend, the cost will be $100 for the camp fee. All other costs apply.  (The Cadets cost roughly $3,000 a year.) However, as noted, there is a one-time scholarship available.

DO NOTE:  We are not looking for technical proficiency but rather for the ability to communicate across a football stadium. Prepare lyrical material, great solos and pieces that will allow you to show the team the best that you are. Of course, there is the remainder of the show: all of that is very, very technical, BUT, for this feature, the demands are great and they are different.

Interested in being a part of the Cadets in 2012? Visit  or write to Melissa Barlow at
And to the soloist selected: If the soloist is a current member of a new selection, a donor to the Cadets’ Maroon and Gold Giving Club has agreed to offer an additional $1,500 to use toward tour payments. The donor is a past mellophonist, a past Cadet, and a friend of the corps. He would prefer to remain anonymous but he has promised $1,500 for the person selected for this role with the corps.
So plan now — a great year awaits!  Write to Melissa. Get to Camp!


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