Alumni Meeting Set for Thursday, April 26 in Garfield

New YEA alumni relations director to speak

Hello friends,

We will be having our April Alumni meeting Thursday, April 26 at the VFW in Garfield, home of many past meetings.  

After some negotiation, George King was able to secure the facility for us. There will be a nominal charge so our per person pizza cost may go up a few dollars. What's a few dollars when you can mingle with old friends and enjoy each other's company, right?martin

Brad Martin, the new director of alumni relations from the YEA office will be our guest speaker. He will be filling us in on what his new role is comprised of and how it joins together with our vision as  alumni of the Holy Name Cadets and The Cadets history.

Please try to make an effort to welcome Martin as he begins his journey. Let's make him feel at home and feel free to share your personal stories of your history with The Cadets with him. We will also make sure we have time for a question and answer period for Martin after he completes his informational presentation and explanation of duties with all of you. Let's discuss how we can help each other become one large unified alumni.

Can you show Brad Martin that the North Jersey Chapter of the Holy Name Cadets alumni is strong, and how we are all looking forward to new ideas on how to expand our alumni by attending this meeting? The 2012 season will be starting shortly so this is the last time we will have a representative from the office at one of our meetings until the fall.

So come on out at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 26, to the VFW on Outwater Lane in Garfield for a great night of information, fun and catching up.

[object Object]Hope to see you all there.

Cindi Carozza DeVivo


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