Rebroadcast from The Cadets Camp TONIGHT, MONDAY @ 8PM ET

Get a taste of "12.25" along with important announcements

For those of you who could not make the LIVE broadcast on Sunday, The Cadets will be giving fans and supporters a sneak peek inside the corps’ final winter rehearsal before spring training, along with very special announcements from the Hall of Fame and Susan Erben Scholarship Fund. 
 cadets rehearse 2011
On Monday, April 30, you’ll be treated to a rebroadcast from the world champions, while enjoying some selections from the "12.25" production the corps has been working on for the past four months.
Beginning  8P|7C, the Cadets network will take to the “air” with some news from behind the scenes from the alumni and the drum corps including the announcement of the Class of 2012 for the Cadets Hall of Fame and recipients of the Susan Erben Scholarship Fund, the upcoming summer schedule of events and more!   

Peek at The Cadets' "12.25" 

Capping off the webcast will be a live performance of several minutes of The Cadets' 2012 repertoire, including selections from the "12.25" program.
The live performance is always one of the most popular features of the Cadets spring webcast and this year's doesn't disappoint as fans will heard the first three selections of the 2012 show, as well as a parade tune which will put you in the modd for the season (whether its the drum corps or holiday season is up to you).

Join us for this rebroadcast Monday, April 30 at 8P|7C at

Producer's Note:  Due to the limitations of the webcast playback system, there will be a brief break in the action as the video team resets in the middle of the recording. As well, some viewers may have pop-up ads display during the playback. Please disregard and close to enjoy the full performance. We are working to enhance our future live recordings with a new platform.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience and enjoy the show.


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