NFL Clears Way for 3 Days of USBands Championships at MetLife Stadium

Giants, Jets road games on 11/11 allow wall-to-wall band action

The gods of NFL scheduling must be marching band fans afterall!metlifestadcap2.jpg
How else would you be able to explain the fact that the $1.6 billion dollar MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., home to the New York Jets and current Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, and the 2014 Super Bowl would be vacant on Nov. 10 and 11?
When the 2012 NFL schedule was released, the USBands staff cheered with high-fives around the room as the Giants and Jets were announced to play road games in Cincinnati and Seattle respectively on Sunday, Nov. 11, allowing the USBands Open Class National Championships move in for three days of competition.
USBands National Championship registrations are continuing at a very strong pace, with the number of Group III and IV bands leading the way in the number of registrations.  Rich Hammond, director of band relations, said, “We’re currently evaluating the possibility of a three-day championship which would allow 130 bands to participate in this remarkable event in this awesome facility.”
Plan 1 would have Group I and II Open bands featured on their own evening competition on Friday, Nov. 9. With the Group IV and V Open bands on Saturday and Groups III and VI on Sunday.
Plan 2 would have Group II Open joining the Group IV and V bands on Saturday and Group I kicking off the Sunday events before the Group III and VI bands take to the field.
“It is still early in the process, and there is always some opportunity for Plan 3 or 4, but for now, Melissa, Jon and I are talking to as many Open Class bands as possible to see what their plans might be given this tremendous new opportunity,” said Hammond.
Registration for the USBands A Class National Championships are continuing for the event to be held on Saturday, Nov. 10 and Sunday, Nov. 11 at the Navy & Marine Corps Stadium at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.
To register your band for either of these events, click here or contact Melissa Reese at, Jon Swengler at or Rich Hammond at


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