Summer Jobs with The Cadets

Production Assistant and Tour Assistant Required

RV driver volunteer

As the summer moves closer and but 2 1/5 weeks remain until Spring Training a few positions have opened up. These are key slots which are opening up at the oddest of times. But, here we are and here are the positions. 

Want to be part of the ’12.25’ team?

Production Assistant
Working Directly with George Hopkins, Colin McNutt, Jeff Sacktig and others, this person’s job will be to do everything possible to support getting the summer’s production of ‘12.25’ on the road.

Start time as soon as possible or as close to May 12 as possible through August 17.
Fee: $3000-ish (depending on start date)


  • Communicating between team members all through the day as to what is getting done and what still need to be done
  • Sitting in on all staff meetings, design and instructional. This person will know all there is to the day, the week and the month.
  • Ordering supplies from flags to tape to drum heads
  • Managing the “roadies”
  • Making sure schedules are communicated to one and all included volunteers and drivers
  • Assisting in the educational and tour videos that will be created along the way
  • Coordination of the educational and creative effort

This position is perfect for:

  • Someone interested in show design who would like to spend a summer with a world champion team.
  • A newer band director or someone hoping to be a band director


  • Ability to get things done
  • Ability to spin 5 plates at a time
  • Ability to communicate in person and in writing to staff members; many of whom are 40 plus and cranky J
  • A workaholic who is thinking of what to do before it is asked

What you will learn

  • Much we cannot talk about here
  • How the Cadets put a show together
  • How the Cadets manage the traveling road show
  • How different captions work together
  • What hard work is really about
  • How to speak to people and get them to do things for you when they are tired, sunburned and hungry
  • And much, MUCH more

Summary statement from George Hopkins

With the corps at Spring Training and then on the road there are always tons of things to do. We need to get the props prepared, we need to call ahead to make sure guard uniform adjustments are ready, we have program changes that need to be coordinated, and I can go on and on.  We need a cherry picker, we need a fourth field, we do not need a third field, the Dr. Beat is broken, we need a flight to get a consultant in for a few days and so on.

Much of this could fall to the tour team but the reality is, the tour team needs to work with travel, and facilities and food and sometimes things fall through the cracks. I am personally at Spring Training about 50% of the time, and on tour about 90% of the time, but as I also manage YEA! from the road, I can forget J! That said, I would never be a poster boy for organization.

So, we need someone, and I need someone, to make sure we are doing all we need to do, in a coordinated fashion, day after day after day.

BONUS! Not necessary but, this could evolve, for the right person, into a full time, assistant to the director job based in Allentown beginning after the summer !

Interested ???  Write to George Hopkins today at
We will need a resume, a cover letter explaining how and why you think you can do this job, and eventually, we will need some references. We will pay to get you here and home, all food is paid for, and even a night out now and then.

Position 2 Tour Management Assistant Mid-Level

Work directly with the tour team - Patrick Duncan, Corey Moore, Allison Watkins, Kevin O’Brien and Jay Travis, the tour assistant will handle a variety of tasks related to the care and feeding of the Cadets from Spring Training through the summer.

  • Start time and fee
    • As close to May 11 as possible ; through Aug 17 if possible
    • $2000-$3000
    • All food paid
    • Transportation to and from paid


    • Airport Runs to pick up and drop Staff and volunteers
    • Stadium runs to research travel arrangements
    • Monitoring the members when the tour manager is not around
    • Assistance with food and propane runs
    • Assistance on laundry days
    • Moving into housing and moving out of housing
    • Support and assistance for the volunteer team
    • Support and assistance for the instructional team
    • Member care what do they need we try to provide
    • Setting up laundry days
    • Setting up fuel and other stops in advance

Perfect for

    • Those who see service as a calling in life
    • Teachers and potential teachers
    • Those who like to meet new people in towns and cities across the country
    • This is a good job for the physically fit
    • This is an excellent assignment for a good driver who enjoys learning about airports across the country
    • Joining in with the Cadets team which can be a great resume builder


    • Patience
    • Ability to be friendly to strangers
    • Organized and able to think ahead
    • Great driving record and ability to drive vans and pickups
    • Love sleeping in an RV on the move
    • Looking to improve your overall tan

What you will learn

    • How to work as a team
    • How a team of 200 ebbs and flows through a summer
    • The inner workings of a musical ensemble
    • What passion can being to any group or ensemble

Summary Statement From George Hopkins

The tour team is a relatively new concept. For about the past 10 years we have been fortunate to create a group that works together as we cross the country. For years the team was myself and perhaps one or two other folks. But, as we have expanded our service and raised the quality of the experience, the tour team has become critical.

For the last year, a young man named Justin Heimbecker has managed the team and he did a great job. This year, Patrick Duncan takes over and we expect great things; and with a new leader and a new team, all could be exciting. 

I am looking for someone with some teaching experience here, a bit more experienced perhaps?  But, we will see !

Please respond to George Hopkins as soon as possible at .
Include a resume, a cover letter and any experience or stories that might give some insight to your possible success in this position.

As always, watch for information on all programs of Youth Education in the Arts including the Cadets.


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