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Jackson High School band performs at Levon Helm send-off in Woodstock

NJ band plays Dixieland for final tribute processional

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Jackson High School's Jaguars Marching Band played for rocker Levon Helm as he was laid to rest in Woodstock NY on April 27, eight days after his death.

Drummer and vocalist Helm, best known for his work with the Band, was buried a short ride from his home, where he hosted his weekly Midnight Rambles, according to Rolling Stone.

The Jaguars drum line arrived about 1:30 p.m. and led a stream of about 100 cars carrying friends, family and invited guests to the cemetery grounds, according to the Times Record- Herald's online story. "The wind didn't stand a chance against the joyful strains of 'Ophelia,' which was performed by an all-star cast of local musicians... parading, Dixieland-style, along the cemetery's winding roads." 

Rolling Stone magazine also noted the Jaguar's contribution in their writeup. "The funeral concluded with a Dixieland jazz processional performed by the Jaguar Memorial Band from Jackson High School in New Jersey. Along with the band, Larry Campbell, the guitarist in Helm’s most recent group, guitarist Jimmy Vivino and drummer Steve Jordan played a tune leading out from the gravesite."

Read the full Rolling Stone story.


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