Tuba Turbulence at Cadets

10 days to go until Spring Training and there is a Tuba shortage

Following our tenth world championships, the Cadets have had an interesting winter.  With music complete, (more or less), 13 pages of drill on the field, buses ordered and tour plans intact, we have recently had to replace a number of positions.

Now to be sure, students depart each year about this time. With money due and the need to leave the girlfriend and family for 90 days, it is NOT unusual for folks to get cold feet.  But this year, as the team works through our 2012 production of “12.25”, we have had members depart recently for all kinds of reasons.  

  • An acceptance to the Peabody Institute
  • Family losing home to fiscal crisis
  • A bulging disk
  • An inability to get a VISA to travel to the US for 90 days
  • Summer school or another year of college at $20K
  • Knee surgery

What we are left with are 3 tuba positions available. We march 16 tubas, and we had 16 three weeks ago, but there is no telling what the world has in store for us, and well, as we can see above the TUBAS have taken the hit.

We are pretty much filled in all section, except the TUBAS (at least as of today).

Of course…

  • We could use a trumpet player
  • We could use some men interested in spinning rifle
  • But we need TUBAS!!!

 So Tubas, if you are out there, and you can march this summer, get to us now!

Write to tubacadets@yea.org, tell us of your interest and we will be in touch quickly. Of course there will be fiscal issues, perhaps travel and time, but better to contact us, see what the situation is, and we will do what we can to get you in the corps.

On Saturday, May 5, we need to decide if we are writing for 14 or 16 tubas. We could write out the positions and add guard, but we would rather not. We love balance.

In short, this is a chance for tuba players to walk into a World Champion corps just a few weeks before the spring and six weeks before the first show.

It’s an opportunity brought to you by the unrelated life situations that seemed to attack those in the Cadets who strap an instrument to their shoulder.

It is an opportunity to lose weight, to get in shape, to hear the roar of the crowd, to make friends and to have the summer of a lifetime.

It is an opportunity to be a Cadet.

Write now, give us your name, e mail, phone number and a little information, and we will be in touch, FAST!

Happy Wednesday and Merry Christmas from The Cadets.











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