North Jersey Alumni Chapter Meeting Update

YEA! trio speaks at alumni gathering

For those of you who could not attend the North Jersey chapter of The Cadets alumni meeting, you really missed a great gathering.alumnimeeting
Brad Martin, new director of alumni relations, was the speaker. He also brought along Bill Speakman and Scotty McGarry to talk about their roles with the organization. Brad is a wonderful new addition to the YEA office. What a great guy who is here for us, the alumni, to unify us with the kids and the corps in general.
The addition of Brad as our alumni "go to" person is a great fit from what we could tell last night. He also showed us some videos, along with Scotty, that gave us all goose bumps and certainly a tear or two. We saw the kids in the corps in competition footage and also when they won the DCI Championship last year. If you were there and didn't have a lump in your throat, you must have had your head down chowing down some pizza, because it was really a spectacular sight to watch. To hear the kids singing Holy Name and to hear George telling them that they are CADETS, they are carrying on a tradition, they are to hold their heads high and what a great job they do (win or lost), that they are Cadets first and to be PROUD!
Every year during the Spring camp, Scotty McGarry meets with the kids and tells them about THEIR background as Cadets, i.e. where we came from, how the Cadets started, how far we've come even though there were years where it didn't look like we could remain intact due to circumstances, how from 1934 to today we have upheld the glory that is being a Cadet.
Please welcome Brad to the organization as he stated he is here for us and anything we may need.  He will field any call or email from you, answer any questions you may have and will be here to help all of us become one unit.  His email is
The June 9 and 10 celebrations were also discussed. June 9 will be a gathering of alumni and supporters and the corps in Allendale, N.J. at Northern Highlands High School with an exhibition by the 2012 Cadets. There will be other features both before and after the performance, plus alumni are encouraged to mingle with the kids. This is the day that our presentation of the caps will occur.
On Sunday, June 10, the Holy Name Centennial Mass will be held, which is being coordinated by Greg and Doc Cinzio. The Mass will be at 10:30 a.m. and we will get to enjoy the kids and a standstill exhibition for a short time before they head off to a parade that they are committed to. Please mark these dates on your calendar as it promises to be a fun weekend.
Also discussed was our annual Christmas party. Details to come. The majority of people would like the event to remain at the Country Club as it is one of the main get-togethers that they look forward to and all seem to enjoy the "dress up night" to share with all of their friends.
Jim Messina discussed the Food and Wine Fest at Taos Restaurant, East Rutherford, N.J. set for May 20. This is a Sunday afternoon event (1–5 p.m.) and tickets are $85 per person. This is a wonderful event and so much fun! You don't have to drink wine to enjoy it, but the food is outstanding and you will certainly not leave hungry!
Details are on the YEA! website. Come out and enjoy a great afternoon with your friends and even make some new ones! You will not be sorry, however, if you cannot make this event you can certainly make a donation, whether that be a bottle of wine or even a ticket to support this cause. Half of the proceeds will be going directly to the Sue Erben fund which is set up primarily for scholarships to kids in the corps who have applied for some type of financial aid. Please think about attending, the more the merrier!
Thank you to all who came out last night and for those who couldn't make it, I hope to see you for the June 9 and 10 weekend.


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