Greetings from the Call-a-Thon

The Call-a-Thon, Cadets in the Classroom, and move-in right around the corner

Hello alumni, fans, parents and future Cadets,

My name is Allison Watkins, and I am glad to be on tour again this year as the writer for The Cadets. This week, I’m reporting from the YEA! office in Allentown, where 11 current Cadets are giving up an extra week of their summer to participate in the annual Call-a-Thon to raise funds for their 2012 tour. Here are a few pictures of them hard at work:




This week, a few Cadets and office personnel are also traveling to high schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for “Cadets in the Classroom,” a recruiting program in which students have the opportunity to listen to Cadets talk about their experiences in the corps, ask questions, watch some Cadets All Access videos, learn about Cadets2 and see a Cadets’ show— often for the first time.


Many students have expressed sincere interest in both Cadets corps this week, and several stayed as long as they could to talk to hear the Cadets’ personal stories and advice.


And now, for anyone who may be new to my tour updates, I’d like to give you a brief bio of me: I was a 14-year-old clarinet player from Georgia when I first saw The Cadets at Phantom Regiment’s home show in 2003. The Cadets didn’t even win that show, but for some reason, I never loved another corps. Two and a half years later, I auditioned for The 2006 Cadets mellophone line. I marched for five years, from 2006 through my age-out in 2010 (and if you were around for any of those years, you may remember me as “the tall girl in the mellophone section”). Meanwhile, I got my Bachelor’s degree in journalism from The University of Georgia and became a book editor. Last summer, I jumped on tour with The Cadets in late June to write updates for the website every day. This year, I happily accepted the opportunity to come back and bring the “real world” a daily taste of life on the road. I’ll also be working with the admin team, taking on the responsibility of keeping those superbly vulnerable, cream Cadet uniforms clean all summer.

My main goal this year is to provide you with the most vivid and accurate perception of The 2012 Cadets’ experience that I can. I hope you come to feel as if you do hear what I hear and see what I see. Meet me here for an update every evening from now until finals on August 11, and if you have any story ideas or requests, I’d love to hear them; please comment and let me know your thoughts!


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