TUBA TRIUMPH! trumpet trauma

Two trumpet spots in the World Champion Cadets

Each year members depart the Spring Training facility. It is simply what happens.  Folks get worried, fans make comments and critics hypothesize.

But what I have learned over 34 years is that stuff happens!

Students panic, fail tests, fall for girl and boyfriends, have accidents and well, they quit! Not all, but a few! 

It’s not about the Cadets, or the Vanguard, or the Jersey Surf. It’s just what happens in an activity as intense and demanding as drum corps.

This year, the Cadets have been beset by PRE Spring departures.

A few minutes ago, we received an e-mail (always an e mail) from a young man who has decided to not arrive today.  Yes, we move in today!

cadettrumpetskyGranted he auditioned in April and has not been ingrained in the system but he did accept a position and he was expected today at 10 pm.  And, a few days ago, we had a resignation from yet another student who failed his final and is destined for summer school.

So, positions are available, but for trumpets they WILL GO fast. This is a great opportunity. This is the silver platter. This is a Christmas gift from those who walked away :-)

What are the requirements or hopes:

a)     We move in May 12-13 so, the sooner you can arrive, the better. Camp is in Johnstown, PA.

b)     Experience is a plus as you are getting on a “moving train”. There are parts to learn and there will be a drill to accomplish.

c)      Talent is always a plus. Although these positions are for a second trumpet and a lead … we are still interested of course, in securing the best two people we can for these positions

d)     The Cadet experience: 90 days of travel, learning, competition and fun is about $3000.00.  Being as these two members left “money on the table” , there are some adjustments considering the time of year. But, you would need to be able to secure about $2000 to make this happen.

And finally, you need to send an audition video and a letter as soon as possible.

Gino Cipriani, the brass caption supervisor, and Patrick Duncan, the assistant director of the corps will be meeting beginning Saturday night to review tapes and letters and as we secure folks, we will make immediate offers.

We hope and expect that by Monday, May 14 we will be filled.

We were excited and amazed to have 50 applicants for the tuba positions, and today, we have 4 new Cadets joining the ranks. All are experienced and all look to be fine, fine additions.

As it goes, it’s time for the Trumpet search. We will keep all up to date on our quest.

Please send all information to Patrick Duncan at patrick@yea.org. Include or contact Patrick with questions or comments or ideas!

Merry Christmas from the Cadets!


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