Drill postponed for a few days

Rain and late arrivals change The Cadets' approach to this first week


Because so many high schools and colleges are still in session, we are still missing a significant fraction of the drum corps. A few more members arrive each day (as I type, our two British horn players just arrived from the airport), but George and the caption supervisors decided to hold off on teaching drill until nearly everyone arrives. At this point, only a few over 50 of The Cadets’ 80-member horn line are present, and brass numbers won’t even reach the seventies until this weekend.

“It’s crazy to go out there with so many blanks,” George told the corps at the Day Meeting this morning. “Plus, the opener is at 192 beats per minute, so we’re going to use our time to get used to moving and playing fast. It will put some pressure on us to learn drill pretty quick, but better you know your music, better you’re ready to move fast, better you know your work, than try to learn drill with 30 holes,” he said.


Consequently, this second soggy day of Spring Training has been much like the first, only chillier. Everyone started out working on basics in the field house gym, and the corps has been rehearsing music in sub-sectionals all afternoon and evening.



At 8:30 p.m., chili and cornbread seemed especially warm and pleasant. Pat even made a giant pot of hot chocolate which she ladled up for each Cadet and staff member as they passed through the food line. Other than that, it’s a pretty early night, and everyone should get plenty of sleep.


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