Sophie's Blog: Rifles and Sabres and Flags, OH MY!

Day two gives us brownies and new sabre and flag choreography

Being a volunteer on the food truck gives me the chance to make fun treats like the brownies I made today. The whole corps really enjoyed them, and by snack, they were all gone! After snack, I went to go watch the guard sectional, which was in the field house again. When I got there, everyone was still on their break, so I got to spend some time catching up with my friends. It was a nice break for me as well; I had no idea that working on the food truck was such hard work! I must say, I have a lot of respect for our volunteers and much more appreciation for everything they do for us. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered throughout the years!


The guard members who spin weapons finally got their hands on guns and swords today. With a male-heavy rifle line, the flag and sabre lines are all girls. Sam Watson worked with the rifles and sabres, doing basics and tosses, while Katie Hopkins was with the flags doing mini drill. The flags practiced the opening dance at the beginning of the show.

Then the rifles switched to flags, and started going over the routine from yesterday on their own. Soon, Eric Babula and Katie were going over the routine with them, adding in some really exciting partner work! At the same time, 2012 Hall of Fame inductee Greg Lagola taught the sabres some twirls. The girls picked up the choreography quickly and executed it with beautiful grace and technique.

A recording of the show music blared as they practiced and practiced their new choreography, already achieving most of the moves and finger twirls. “Get it sabes!” fifth-year member Lauryn Heller said, encouraging the others to, in other words, do well and achieve their work.

cbccg spin.jpg

The sound of flag silks whipping through the air brought back memories from last summer and made me miss the feeling of the flagpole in my hands. Member Evan Turner makes every move look easy and flawless; watching him spin reminds me why I love color guard.

The sabres were really impressing me with their choreography and fun, energetic attitude. I could’ve watched them all day! And the flags were blowing me away too; they are already spinning together (for the most part), and in my opinion they look very good! There were 28 members here today, so we’ve almost got a full guard. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and what the new day will bring.


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