Huge New Jersey News! USBands State Champs Relocates to Rutgers University

100+ High Schools to Compete Nov 3-4 on the State University Campus

rutgersstad2.jpgFor the very first time in the history of the USBands New Jersey State Championships, all 100+ bands will perform in the same location for the twelve Group Championship titles. USBands is proud to announce that High Point Solutions Stadium on the campus of Rutgers University in Piscataway will be the host of the 2012 USBands New Jersey State Championships on Saturday and Sunday, November 3-4.

"This event has been a long time in the making," said George Hopkins, CEO of YEA! and founder of USBands in announcing the great news. "For many years, we have envisioned a time when we would be able to host the State Championships at a unified location, and Rutgers is a fabulous facility located in the middle of the state and will provide an excellent experience for students to appear in a great stadium in a wonderful collegiate atmosphere. The New Jersey State Marching Band Championships at the State University of New Jersey only makes sense!"

Tim Smith, Director of Athletic Bands at Rutgers was instrumental in bringing this plan to life. "We were so pleased to have USBands on campus in 2010, and after a one-year hiatus, we hope to begin a new tradition that will see the great marching bands of the state of New Jersey come to us year after year for the State Championships."

Of course looking beyond 2012, the schedule for the State Championship will be contingent upon the Rutgers football schedule, however plans call for the States to return each year possibly moving over the course of three weekends in late October and early November.

The cost of the facility at High Point Solutions Stadium is also significantly more than the high school facilities used in the past. However, the fees for the bands will remain the same, while there will be an increase in ticket prices to $20 for tickets at the gate the day of the event and will be sold to the bands at $17 in advance.

A final few performance slots are still available for bands who would like to attend the USBands New Jersey State Championships at High Points Solutions Stadium in Piscataway. Register your band at

USBands Preview of Champions

Making the move to Rutgers from three long-standing host schools proved to be one of the most significant challenges after High Point Solutions Stadium was secured. Working through a jam-packed schedule of events with almost 120 different bands participating was a major undertaking, but after hours of discussion several solutions made it to the table.

Hopkins continued, "Our three Championship hosts have been great partners for many years, and due to the timing on the availability of Rutgers, we needed to address their concerns about the loss of the events and revenue to their program. Foremost in our minds was, 'do no harm' while clearly benefitting all schools with a magnificent event at Rutgers."

After several strategy sessions by the USBands team, a new plan was unveiled creating a "Preview of Champions" series of events which will be held Sunday, October 28 at Union High School in Union, Washington Township High School in Sewell and Old Bridge High School in Old Bridge.

The interesting twist which will put these "POC" shows on the map for many schools is it will be the last score to be used for seedings for the State Championships the following week and the National Championships two weeks later.

"The Preview of Champions will allow each of the Championship hosts to still benefit from holding an event at their schools, while providing participating schools one final opportunity to improve their scores for the Championships," said Rich Hammond, Director of Band Relations.

"We also hope there is a certain loyalty factor that will kick-in with bands who want to support Union, Washington Township and Old Bridge," said Hammond. "These three schools are some of the more active in USBands and do their part to support home shows across the state, we hope that schools in their area will show them some love and bring their parents out for a great day of competition at each of the sites."

Registration is open for all three Preview of Champions events. USBands encourage all bands to take this opportunity to enroll in one of the three events and support the schools in Union, Washington Township and Old Bridge. Register your band today at


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