Sophie's Blog: Color guard on the field

How to talk like a guard member

What a beautiful Thursday here in Johnstown! The color guard members were given their drill numbers today and were able to get on the field after lunch. They made the long journey down the road to the elementary school field to learn their opening drill. Having never marched in a color guard before, rookie member Pedro Garcia said that learning drill was a lot harder than he expected. He marched tuba in marching band, so spinning and marching is a little different than playing his horn while marching. The guard learned 16 pages this afternoon, and Pedro said that after about five pages, he started getting the hang of it.


It’s funny listening to the guard talk; it’s like they have their own language. To people outside the color guard world, sayings such as “ret to go” and “nailed it” may sound a little bizarre. But since I’ve got the inside scoop, allow me to fill you in. “Ret to go,” in the color guard world, means “ready to get started” on whatever you may be doing. “Nailed it” refers to when you catch a toss perfectly, do the choreography correctly and/or hit all your dots (while also doing those first two things).

At the sectional after snack, Greg Lagola taught the flags more choreography to add to what they learned yesterday. The extended rifle line was working with Sam Watson, perfecting basics and tosses. After that, Eric Babula taught them some really cool choreography.

I can’t wait until they get the show on the field! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the pieces come together— hornline, color guard, drumline, everything! One of my favorite parts about Spring Training is when all the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. It’s such an exciting time of the season. For now, it’s just one day at a time.


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