Seeding for the USBands Championship Events

Scores and the number of shows a band enters will matter

As you may know, the 2012 New Jersey State Championships is heading for High Point Solutions Stadium on the campus of Rutgers University. November 3-4  we will be doing what all have wanted to do: host the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP at the STATE UNIVERSITY!

We can accommodate about 105 bands so be sure to enter soon. More information will be out on STATES shortly.

 Indeed, we have kept the actual fees for participation as the same amount we had previously announced, although we did have to raise the ticket prices. Needless to say, there is a cost to USBands, but we have looked for unique methods whereby we can work the costs and control the expenses. It looks to be one fabulous weekend!

As plans come together, one thing band directors may be interested in is the seeding for NJ STATES this year. After last year’s late season snow storm, we had a chance to take a look at the process and we have come to an agreement on a plan that will value the scores the band achieves, as well as how many events your band is a part of in 2012.

The Formula

In basic form, 50 percent of your seeding position will be based on your highest score as of 11:59 pm Sunday, October 28.


50% of your seeding will be based on how many USBands shows your band appeared in over the 2012 season. This will include a show you hosted, any regional events and the National Championships, if you are entered and your account is current as of the deadline on October 28.

The Rationale

We want to, and you seem to want us to, reward those bands who do the most for the other bands in the association. Therefore, the more you work, the more events your band attends, the more you contribute to the whole and here, we can offer a bit of a reward.

The Seeding Formula

 50% on your score as of the evening of October 28 at 11:59 pm


97.6-100 -- 10 points

95-97.5 --  9 Points

92.6- 94.9 – 8 points

90-92.5 --- 7 points

87.5-89.9 – 6 points

85 – 87.4 --- 5 points

82.5-84.9 --- 4 points

80.0 – 82.4 – 3 point  

75 - 77.9 --2 points

less than 74.9 -- 1 point


 50% your involvement and partnership in USBands  based on how many events you participate in relation to those offered in your region.

One point is assigned for each show in which you perform or exhibit. Exhibitions for hosted shows are allowed and counted in the total


 Adding your points from your score and your participation level will add to your seeding. All bands who finish with the same total score will be separated by a random draw!

 Example: If 4 bands end with a score of 16, the 4 bands will be separated by a random draw.

 All positions will be set on October 29 and announced at 8:00 am the morning of the 29th live from Rutgers University.

 NOTE: In the event of rain, snow, or an act of God across a wide number of the shows of USBands, the CEO of Youth Education in the Arts can make the decision to use the scores of October 22. This will only be done in the case of an extreme situation.

 NOTE 2:  Indoor show scores will count. All efforts will be made to insure that the same level of performance expectation is in place if there is the need for an indoor show

 Here are a few examples:

A band was in 7 shows and had a high score of 88.8

-          7 for the number of shows

-          6 for score

-          13 total points


A band is in 9 shows and scores an 81.2

-          9 points for the number of shows

-          3 points for the score

-          12 total points


A band is in 4 shows and scores a 93.3

-          4 points for the number of shows

-          8 points for the score

 -          12 total points


 We are thrilled that we are able to bring the NJ bands to Rutgers University for such a great event. And we are responding to bands requests and concerns related to seeding. YES, this announcement is for NJ States only but there will be more on the way.

Sign up now. Go to and get ready for the Fall of 2012.


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