Sophie's Blog: Color guard re-learns drill

From ramp-building, to Sam's Club, to full ensemble

Today was not only a very warm and gorgeous Saturday, but it was also a very busy and exciting day! In the morning, I went to work with handyman Jay Travis, building the ramp props for the color guard. It’s a really cool concept: 12 nine-foot ramps, each four feet tall, that can be stacked together in twos to make a box. It was nice to do something different than cutting vegetables and fruit for a change.

By lunchtime at 2:00, we were probably halfway done with the ramps. After lunch, I rode along to Sam’s Club to pick up the food order. By the time I got back from Sam’s, the first full corps ensemble of the season had started. I was so excited to see everyone on the field! I’ve been waiting all week for this; it’s always my favorite part of the day because it’s so cool to see all the hard work each section brings to the field that makes a great Cadets show.


The corps played through “Carol of the Bells Part One,” and the color guard spun and marched along with them. It went really well! Earlier this afternoon, some of the color guard members had to re-learn the first 31 pages of drill; their drill spots had to change due to whether or not they spin a weapon. So during ensemble, the guard was marching drill that some of them had just learned earlier today, and it didn’t look bad. The flags even spun together for the first couple of counts, but then they do some split work where half the guard faces backfield and the other half face forward. Admittedly, that looked a little messy still, but then again, I’m a sucker for unison flag work.

After they finished running those 31 pages, the guard split off from the horns and drums. Going to the end zone of the field, the color guard continued to review and clean the flag choreography they had just been doing in ensemble. The rest of the corps made an ark and played through “Jingle Bells” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” “Jingle” is by far my favorite piece that they play, especially Part Two with the swing beat. It’s going to be such an amazing season. I think I’ll post a “day in the life of” entry pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I might even do a few of those following different guard members around for the day. But for now, I’m out. Until tomorrow, For Holy Name Shall Always Be.



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