Sophie's Blog: Sectionals galore

Happy Sunday from Cadetland


It’s getting hotter every day here at Johnstown. Today was 85 degrees and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain for the next few days with a thunderstorm here and there. However, I know that the corps will work just as hard and push through the tough weather. In addition to the gorgeous weather, today was also chicken patty day, which is always an exciting day at The Cadets. We had chicken patties for lunch, and even though we made more than enough, the members and staff ate all of them! The corps is working harder and harder each day, getting hungrier and hungrier for each meal.

During the guard sectional after lunch, I once again went down to the elementary school field to watch them learn drill for “Carol of the Bells Part 2.” Some kids started yelling from the house behind the rehearsal field again, but this time instead of just screeching, they were saying Priscilla’s name! Priscilla is a second-year member of the flag line. After the kid yelled her name (right before a rep) everyone was cracking up, and Eric Babula said loudly over the mic, “Yes, know her name! Priscilla’s my favorite.” (This was funny because last year Eric spent a lot of one-on-one time with Priscilla, helping her get one part of the flag feature right.) I’m actually still laughing about it right now; I can’t get over the fact that a random child knew her name from hearing Eric say it over the mic.

I only stayed at the guard sectional for a little more than an hour, and then I walked back to the UPJ campus to go visit the other sections’ rehearsals. I found the baritones and listened to them for a while, then went to the tuba sectional for a minute, then the drumline and finally the pit sectional again. I passed the mellophones, but never made it over there. I couldn’t find the trumpets though; I think they were hiding. I always get such enjoyment out of going to as many sectionals as I can and getting the different perspectives of how each section does their thing. For example, the pit is more laid back than the hornline in sectionals (at least from what I’ve seen), and the color guard is a good combination of both fun and focused. After making my rounds, I settled into the shade on the hard, metal bleachers and watched the hornline rehearse drill for the last half-hour before snack.

After snack, the entire corps headed down to the turf field for ensemble, my favorite time of the day (besides bedtime). It was another great evening, and the corps played/spun/marched through some of “Carol of the Bells Part 2.” It’s so exciting to see the show develop. Each night is another step towards perfection. This is going to be such an amazing show; it blows my mind listening to the corps play and watching the guard spin. Everything already looks so good! Let’s go Cadets!!



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