Sophie's Blog: A day in the life of Lauryn Heller

Fifth-year member Lauryn shares her day with us

Lauryn Heller is a veteran member of the Cadets’ color guard. She is a 20-year-old South Jersey native with beautiful, long, thick dirty-blonde hair. Having never marched with any other drum corps before coming to Cadets, this is Lauryn’s fifth year in the corps. A strong, passionate member, Lauryn shows great leadership skills and is bound to be a captain next summer, her age-out season. Lauryn is a hard worker who is very dedicated to the color guard.

During the off-season, Lauryn marches with Alter Ego Color Guard, a world class organization with a similar mentality and work ethic as The Cadets that is staffed by many Cadets alumni.

Lauryn has been watching The Cadets ever since she was a little girl, and that was why she chose to march with this corps. “They’re classy,” she said. “And motivated.”

Today, Lauryn woke up at 8:00 a.m. After getting herself ready for the day, she went to the food truck to grab some breakfast before the day meeting. Every morning, Lauryn has a bowl of Raisin Bran. After finishing her cereal, she filled her water jug and walked down to the field.

IMG_1340.jpgWhen the day meeting ended, Lauryn and the rest of the color guard went to the elementary school field to learn the rest of the drill for part two of “Carol of the Bells.” They also filled into the new drill with equipment and cleaned the silent flag feature from part one.

When it was time for lunch, Lauryn enjoyed her food and then went to the field house for the next part of the day. Before the sectional started, I asked her how she felt this Spring Training was going so far. “It’s been really good,” she said. “We get lots of information from the staff, and the members all have a really good attitude. Oh, and our feet really hurt.”

When asked how she would compare this spring training to previous years, Lauryn said that this year is “more calm and composed. It’s a lot easier because the weather has been so good that we’ve been able to get work done and not worry about a time pressure of the rain coming.”

I then asked Lauryn if she ever gets frustrated or feels “over it,” to which she said yes, but she gets through it. “Just breathe. Breathe and try my best,” she said.

Eric Babula said, “She is wonderful. She’s always happy and tries really hard.”

At that sectional, the guard split up into flags, sabres and rifles, and Lauryn spun sabre— her favorite piece of equipment. When they were working on finger twirls, Lauryn asked Sam Watson, “Can we try it again?” She truly is a hard worker who likes to get things done.

After the sectional was over, I asked Lauryn what she does when she’s on the field and has to go to the bathroom— a question someone who has never marched might be curious about. Do you hold it in or ask to step off the field? “You’re so focused on what you’re doing that you don’t even realize that you have to go. You forget about it,” Lauryn said. Some of the other members also got to talking about it, and one of them said, “Starting a full run-through when you have to pee is the worst!” because then you really can’t go.

Once the sectional was over, it was time for snack and then ensemble. Lauryn had a great rest of the evening, ending the night with a Hop talk. After the corps meeting with George Hopkins, she sat outside her dorm with some of the other members to relax and chat before going to bed between around 12:30 a.m. Tomorrow, Lauryn Heller will wake up and do it all again with her big, beautiful smile; that’s just Lauryn. She’s happy, friendly and an all around great person.


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