Sophie's Blog: A day outside

The guard worked through the wind, thunder and even lightening to perfect their show


Today was a beautiful Tuesday, a great day for drum corps. The forecast called for rain and storms, but it was sunny and warm instead for most of the day. In the morning, the color guard was on the field adjacent to the stadium working on “Carol of the Bells.” At 11:30 a.m., the food staff had made snack bags for the members to have during their five-hour morning block, since lunch wasn’t until 2:00.

After a lunch of sloppy Joes, the color guard journeyed down to the elementary school field since the turf field was occupied by the high school kids and the side field by the drummers. The guard spent the afternoon under the sun in their sports bras and short shorts working to perfect the end of “Carol of the Bells Part Two.” Doing many reps of the same chunk of the show to ingrain it in their muscle memory, the guard fought through the wind during the last half-hour of the block. I’m pretty sure this was the first time they had to deal with wind this bad, and many flags were on the ground more than once. The members put up a good fight, but by the end of the sectional, many of them seemed exhausted and slightly frustrated.

Once the sectional ended, dark clouds loomed above and thunder struck. The color guard quickly traveled in a pack back to campus for a quick snack before ensemble. In ensemble, the corps rehearsed the end of part two together with lightening occasionally striking in the distance. The weather did not affect the rehearsal, however, and the corps finished ensemble on time for dinner.

Dinnertime gave us a delicious meal of baked ziti and garlic bread, then some free time in the evening to work on dot books, music or spinning. Many of the hornline members went to the field house for an evening sectional, while some of the guard rehearsed outside their dorm, not wanting to go all the way to the field house or practice where the loud hornline was. By midnight, the members of the guard who had been spinning outside retreated back to their dorms to sleep and rest for the day ahead tomorrow.


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