Drumline changes and a little Christmas spirit

"Jingle Bells" takes significant strides forward

IMG_2690.jpgIn eight, stop-and-go, out eight, around to the left sixteen, stop-and-go, back around to the right sixteen, in eight, stop-and-go, out eight, around to the right sixteen, hip switch, around to the left sixteen, in eight, stop-and-go, out eight, halt.

The hornline and drumline learned circle drill this morning in basics (the technique portion of marching rehearsal). For years, circle drill has been the most-dreaded exercise because it puts you entirely at the mercy of the visual staff— and in this case, mercy tends to submit to endurance-building. The horns and drums start in two evenly spaced concentric circles, and the goal is to rotate around the shape through every direction change, keeping your upper body in a perfect slide towards the center.

Then the corps learned drill to “Carol of the Bells Part Three” (the final part of the opener), which they marched and played in sectionals and ensemble.

Fun fact: The tuba Christmas tree (which I have affectionately named “Little Christmas”) is back and present at every rehearsal, keeping the spirit alive.

The percussion section, particularly the drumline, made some significant changes to “Jingle Bells” today, as the design team continues to work with George Hopkins to make the jazzy tune as effective (and just plain awesome) as possible. There are a lot of notes, but these changes obviously improved the production tonight, even in its arc stand-still form.


“Hey drum guys, you need to know that you did a great job of getting through a ton of material today, and it made a big difference in the show. It’s a lot better,” Colin told the drumline over the microphone at the end of ensemble tonight.

“Thanks for all the changes,” George told the full corps after rehearsal. “I know it’s a lot for the drumline, but now that thing works.”

The corps is up at 8:00 a.m. again on Thursday. Look for our first video of the season to be posted later today!



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