Cadets Kick-off Weekend Rolls into North Jersey June 9

Meet the staff and more at Allendale family day

It's official, Spring Training 2012 is over and one of the first stops on the 2012 tour will be Northern Highlands High School in Allendale, N.J. on Saturday, June 9 for the North Jersey stop of the Kick-off Weekend.

The address is: Northern Highlands High School — 298 Hillside Avenue, Allendale, N.J.

cadets2012springtrainAlumni, family and fans are welcome to join the corps for a family day, as the corps rehearses all morning and afternoon before their first uniformed appearance of the "12.25" show in the evening.
Join us from 6:30–7:30 p.m. to “Meet the Staff” when members of the 2012 creative and instructional team will mingle with fans and friends to share stories of the 2012 season thus far, and get insights into the upcoming summer.
At 7:30 p.m., the 78th edition of The Cadets will take to the field for a performance of their 2012 program, just one week before its opening day performance in Akron, Ohio. The corps will treat fans to the completed portion of the "12.25" program, along with other material from their vast repertoire of Christmas tunes and other venerable Cadets classics. The field performance will end at 8:30 p.m., when the corps heads for a well-earned dinner break. During dinner, Alumni, fans and family are encouraged to mingle with the corps members.  They are looking forward to spending time with the people who support them the most before the long summer tour begins.
Alumni and family are welcomed to join the corps immediately following the corps dinner at 9:30 for the traditional presentation of the alumni hats to the 2012 corps members, singing of the corps song and an ice cream social. Thank you to the alumni who each year donate one baseball cap each to all members of the current year corps, continuing the legacy from one generation of The Cadets to the next.
This event will also mark the premiere of all of the latest souvenirs for the corps "12.25" program. This is your chance to be the first on your block to wear the latest from The Cadets and get ready for each of the home shows coming up in the next two months. Plus, you’ll be able to pick up the preseason recording of the "12.25" musical production for the very first time.
While there is not an admission price for the event, there will be a suggested donation to assist in raising money for the corps as they take to the road for a 10,000-mile, 60-day odyssey across the country.
We hope to see you Saturday, June 9 for a wonderful afternoon and evening to provide a wonderful send-off to the world champions as they hit the road for the 2012 national tour.


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