Sophie's Blog: History night

Rice krispie treats for dessert

What started out as a beautiful Saturday morning brought rain in the late afternoon. It postponed full ensemble about a half-hour but then cleared up by 7:45. Tonight, the corps ran through the entire opener!


Today was a very busy day on the food truck. For breakfast was breakfast burritos, and lunch was grilled cheese. As soon as breakfast had ended, the food crew worked all morning making the grilled cheese, and what a process it was! Four hundred sandwiches take a long time to make— who would have thought? I was in charge of actually cooking all the grilled cheese, and at this point in the day it was still really hot outside, so inside by the grill was even hotter! Once lunch was over, I made rice krispie treats for the corps’ dessert tonight! The members really enjoyed the treats and ate mostly all of them after their grilled barbeque chicken dinner.

Before the rain started, lightening struck during the guard sectional, signaling that it was time to call it quits. The guard went back to their dorm and were given a dot book test. This consisted on being tested on their drill spots for their sets, how many counts each one is and what the music rehearsal letters are to go along with the music. After the test, the guard members had some time to bond and hang out before the rain ended.

Today ended with history night, an amazing night at Spring Training. I love learning about the corps’ history; from 1934 to now is such an incredible journey and story. To be a part of such a beautiful and rich tradition with so much history is beyond words. It’s one of the best parts about The Cadets, and it’s what makes us who we are. Once a Cadet, always a Cadet. It becomes a part of you and is a bond you share with all alumni no matter what year you marched. In my opinion, there is no corps as great as The Cadets. For Holy Name Shall Always Be.



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