Sophie's Blog: The impending doom storm

A postponed ensemble and a cancelled Hop talk


This afternoon, the color guard made the journey to the elementary school field again to practice their twirls with the drill. It was beautiful weather up until the time I got there at about 5:00 p.m. It was sunny with a slight breeze every now and then. It wasn’t until about 20-after that I noticed the wind picking up and the clouds shifting to a much darker color. By 5:40, impending doom had formed in the sky, and the sectional was over. The guard made their way back to the campus as briskly as they could with their flag bags, water jugs and back packs just in time for the rain to pour down on Johnstown.

Before the storm, however, the guard was working hard on the field, trying to perfect every move. Bruno Zuccala was working with the rifle line, Katie Hopkins was with the flag line and Sam Watson with the sabre line, while Eric Babula and Daniel Riley observed everything from the scaffolding tower.

“Bridget, I need you to bridge-it together,” Daniel spoke through the mic on the very tip-top of the scaffolding. “Bridge it” is a common line in the color guard world, but it’s always funnier when there is a member whose name is actually Bridget.


The storm was so bad tonight that ensemble was postponed again until 7:45 and then lasted for just an hour before the members were dismissed.  There was supposed to be a Hop talk tonight (a meeting with George Hopkins and the members), but because the storm had gotten so bad again, the meeting was cancelled. Two of the members were fitted for uniforms tonight as well because tomorrow they will be playing Taps for a Memorial Day event. It was so cool to see the uniforms on these two trumpet players. I always love seeing the uniforms on the members; it makes this whole experience even more real. They sure are beautiful uniforms.


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