Memorial Day with The Cadets

The ballad begins to take shape

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! Of course, The Cadets treated this Monday just like any other, but because of the extra sleep they got last night (due to the thunderstorm), many Cadets got up early this morning and walked to Wal-Mart. Though it’s not necessarily desirable to wake up an hour earlier than the drum corps, it’s fun for members to walk down there and pick up some snacks, sunscreen and Starbucks on the way back. By breakfast time at the food truck, you’re more awake and ready for the day than usual—and what could put you in a better mood than starting your day with a guilt-free, venti Java Chip Frappuccino?

The weather was gorgeous today, albeit hot on the turf. In my opinion, highs in the mid-80s are the perfect drum corps days: hot enough to feel like summer, sunny enough to get tan, but you don’t feel like the bottom of your shoes are melting onto the turf.

Horn Sergeant Jesse Garcia and third-year veteran Evan Berry put on their new, cream and maroon uniforms this afternoon and went to a local Memorial Day service to play “Taps.”

“It was awesome,” Jesse told me afterwards. “We got to meet the locals and spend some time talking with them, and they loved us. They said it really meant a lot to them that we wore the uniforms, since people normally just wear jeans.”


The new uniforms looked crisp and patriotic, and Jesse and Evan did a great job representing The Cadets. They stood at attention (stand-by) for the duration of the ceremony and solemnly played at the appropriate time. “They told us that they really appreciated our professionalism,” Jesse said.

Mellophone section leader and soloist Allison Pryor arrived at Spring Training a couple of days ago, so in tonight’s ensemble, after marching and playing all The Cadets know of the show, the brass and percussion stood in an arc and worked on the transition out of “Jingle Bells” and into “Do You Hear What I Hear?” This is going to be one of the most distinctive moments of 12.25: After the jazzy Jingle jam-out, the hornline and drumline will continue playing, gradually fading backfield. Then Allison will step forward and begin playing the melody of “Do You Hear” over the fading echo of “Jingle Bells.” Allison’s tone and musical approach are just beautiful, and once the full hornline transitions into the ballad, it’s really gorgeous. I’m so looking forward to seeing all of this on the field.


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