Sophie's Blog: Rain hits Johnstown hard again today

The color guard learns some new tricks

Today was very similar to yesterday’s routine. In the morning, the color guard was in the auditorium working on the stage show. They were trying to figure out how to do their costume change (uh-oh, spoiler alert). They also practiced the dance that they will be performing with The Xcape Dance Troupe at YEAllentown.

Right after lunch, the guard retreated to the dorm for a half-hour while the rain poured. There, they were given a pop dot-book test.

Once the rain lightened up a little bit, the guard went to the field house along with the entire corps, just in time for the rain to start up again with thunder and lightning to follow, which restricted the corps from being able to use the field. The color guard learned more of the Jingle dance in the upstairs gym of the field house.

Once the rain had passed enough, the guard spent the last part of block before snack on the field. When they were out there, the flags learned about five pages of drill to “Jingle Bells.” They didn’t put the work with the drill, however, and after snack they continued learning drill.

The color guard staff was playing around with the members on the weapon line, having them try out some really cool tricks. The sabres and rifles messed around with really high tosses exchanged between two people. Also, they were juggling their rifles! Someone would spin it and then leave it spinning and run away while someone else ran in and continued spinning it. They also tried doing this with people on shoulders. It was really cool!

I got the chance to talk with my friend and second-year member Kristy Beohmer about how she feels the color guard is doing this year. “It’s going really well,” she says of Spring Training so far. “Everyone is really positive, and I feel that this year the guard is much closer than we were at this time last year. It’s not segregated by veteran status, which helps us grow as a unit.”

Even just spending a few minutes with the color guard, I can see that this holds true. The whole guard is already so close and such great friends. It’s going to be a great season for them!


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