A new way to do winter drum corps

Cadets considering a big change in winter schedules

The world keeps changing!

Indoor guard, winter percussion, internships for many collegiate majors, expensive airfares, and high gas prices — it all points to a change in how drum corps, a summer activity, handles the all-important winter prep season.

cadets drummers at campAfter a few years of discussion, the Cadets are very close to announcing a new way to “do” drum corps. In short, we will be eliminating the “second semester” rehearsals, instead using technology to keep the corps connected through the long and cold Northeast winters.

These days, students are in INDOOR PERCUSSION, INDOOR GUARD and with 70 percent of The Cadets’ brass being music education or music performance students, there are numerous concerts and performances.

Here is a tentative look at 2012–2013 for those interested in the Cadets, and those interested in spending much less time and money getting to rehearsals.

All rehearsals in Woodstown, N.J.

  • Guard and Percussion Auditions: Nov. 16–18
  • Brass and Percussion Auditions: Dec. 7, 8, 9
  • Brass and Percussion Camp: Dec. 27, 28, 29, 30 (special four-day camp)
  • Brass, Percussion and Guard: Jan. 18–21
  • Percussion Only: March 8, 9, 10
  • Full Corps Camp: April 26, 27, 28

So, for many, this will mean four camps vs. the eight or so many corps have. This could be a savings of $2,000, not to mention, the time saved in traveling and the ability to concentrate on school work.

As for the corps, the staff will be working once a month in person, but now there will be more time to talk, more time to plan and more time to review. Not to mention, the savings here is about $25K; not bad for a winter fundraiser.

Of course, we at the Cadets see this as causing no harm to the performance possibilities and at the same time, a necessary step as marching music and corps continue to evolve.

Stay tuned for more information with a final schedule should be out in a few weeks.

Watch also for a traveling audition team for Cadets and Cadets2 perhaps in early- and mid-December.

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