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Amazing career ready for a financial wizard

Bookkeeper/accountant position open at YEA!

deskjobpixThe search is on for an incomparable full-time bookkeeper/accountant at Youth Education in the Arts, to start immediately.

YEA! is a dynamic place where we are making magnificence one young person at a time, and we’re looking for the perfect person to help manage the financial operations of the organization.

While the hours are long, the payoff is great in the amount of good we are doing through YEA! This is not a position for the average accountant, but rather someone who wants to devote their time and talents to making a mark on the world through music.

If you’re willing to commit to the level of excellence needed for YEA! to reach the next level, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and bring you on to a fast-paced, exciting team serving the most miraculous young people in the world.

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