Cold, soggy drum corps

And the flight of the food truck tents

Since The Cadets started coming to Johnstown for spring training in 2008, the weather that first week has been consistently miserable. The temperature is in the forties and it’s drizzling at breakfast time; the soggy, overcast day never quite reaches 60. “Well, you know that lovely weather that normally greets us that first week or so? We thought we got lucky, but it’s coming this week,” George told The Cadets at the Day Meeting this morning. Bummer.

We enjoyed 80 and sunny while we could, but the food truck coffee dwindled noticeably more quickly this morning as many of us got an extra cup to stay warm.

On the bright side, the corps learned the next 18 pages of drill in “Jingle Bells” this morning on the mushy turf, which brings the show to “Jingle Two.” The staff also bumped the opener tempo up, so now instead of ending at 192, it starts there.

imagejpeg_2_121.jpgDuring sectionals, a storm rolled in once again, this time with tornado watches. I'm no meteorologist, but the midwestern members of the hornline said the ominous cloud that swept towards the field was a wall cloud. (We later found out that a tornado touched down in the neighboring county.)

The staff didn't take chances with the weather. As the hornline scurried inside from the stadium, and the drums and guard made their way back to the Oak dorm, the food truck volunteers were quickly packing up anything that might take flight. Kevin and Chris (two members of our administrative team) were there helping when the big tents that cover the food line blew off the ground. The guys each frantically grabbed one of the poles, but it was too late to break the tents down, so they stood outside the food truck, holding down the tents until the first wave of the storm passed.

The schedule was adjusted for the rest of the day. The members had some extra time on either end of snack, and rehearsal let out a few minutes early.


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